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The latest market trends of over 10 chips including TI, ST, NXP, etc


Latest company news about The latest market trends of over 10 chips including TI, ST, NXP, etc

         In April, the latest quarterly financial reports of major chip manufacturers were released one after another, and most of them showed a downward trend in revenue. Even simulation leader TI saw a significant decline in revenue, but the automotive chip market still maintained growth. In terms of the market, apart from a small number of high-end materials and automotive chips, overall demand is sluggish, and the delivery times of major brands are also shortening and returning to normal cycles. In a pessimistic atmosphere, many people hope that AI demand represented by ChatGPT can bring rebound opportunities to the chip market.


      We have compiled the latest spot market trends for chips such as TI, ST, Infineon, Microchip, NXP, ADI, and Reza for your reference.

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                     TI: Analog chip revenue plummeted,Growth in the automotive sector only



       In April, the demand of Texas Instruments was decreasing, the number of online materials in the auto chip market was significantly reduced, and the market price of general materials began to slowly return to normal. PMIC is showing a state of differentiation, and some models still have very high prices, such as 03853QDCARQ1. However, some prices are already at spot prices around the second half of 2021, and it is expected that Q2 spot market quotations will continue to gradually return to the trend of 20 year prices. Some conventional general materials have returned to 10-12 weeks, and the delivery time for high-end materials has not been fully alleviated.


      TI's recent Q1 2023 financial report is not optimistic. Q1 revenue, operating profit, and net profit have all decreased year-on-year. Its flagship business, analog chip revenue, has decreased by 14%, embedded processor revenue has increased by 6.4%, and other revenue has decreased by 16%. Only the automotive market has achieved growth.


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                                  ADI: Shorten delivery time,Some popular models are still at high prices


       In April, the spot prices of some popular out of stock models in ADI's LTM power chips remained high.


       As the delivery time of most ADI materials is gradually shortened to 13 weeks, the attitude of downstream end customers towards the current excess spot inventory of ADI in April is relatively vague: on the one hand, they believe that there is still room for a decrease in spot prices, and on the other hand, they are only interested in ADI's futures prices but have not provided a confirmed scheduling plan, which may be affected by rumors that ADI's original factory will adjust prices in May.


latest company news about The latest market trends of over 10 chips including TI, ST, NXP, etc  2

                                         Microchip: Overall delivery time is gradually recovering


      At present, the popular demand for MCUs includes the irregular production scheduling of traditional ATMEL 8-bit and 16-bit MCUs. For example, some ATXMEGAx have a delivery time of 52 weeks, while some AT91x have gradually arrived. In addition, the original factory has announced a price increase of 5-10%, and there are also factors such as raw material shortages and price increases. The price of common materials has dropped significantly, such as some interface ICs such as MCP17XX and MCP25XX, and the market price is falling back to the normal level.


     Some customers' focus is on futures scheduling. Although some models still have a reference delivery time of 40-50 weeks or more, the customer's attitude is not very exclusive, but feedback has been included in the scheduling reference. However, customers who can accept futures and place orders also have very high price requirements.


     The delivery time of EEPROM is still tight, over 52 weeks. The delivery time of some general-purpose materials for 8-bit MCU has been shortened to around 30 weeks, and the FPGA delivery time is over 40 weeks. Currently, the overall delivery time of microchips is still relatively long, but gradually returning to normal.


                       latest company news about The latest market trends of over 10 chips including TI, ST, NXP, etc  3

            ST: The demand for vehicle specifications and materials is still mainstream


      The demand for ST in April has decreased, and the price of general MCU has basically dropped to a lower level. The demand for vehicle specifications and materials still dominates. The popular model in April was L9680, mainly used for car airbags, with a transaction price of around 700 yuan (before tax) at the beginning of the month.


      ST's latest financial report shows that in Q1 2023, its net revenue was higher than expected, but revenue in the personal electronic products sector decreased. The gross profit margin also exceeded expectations, and ST pointed out that the strong performance of the product portfolio was due to a favorable pricing environment.


      ST currently has a backlog of orders in the automotive, electric energy, and professional B2B industries with a coverage rate higher than six quarters. Existing orders will not be shipped smoothly until 2024, and new orders are expected to become normal. The demand for computer related equipment/personal electronic devices continues to be weak, inventory is being corrected, backlog and new orders are decreasing. In Q1, the company's inventory turnover days were 122 days, mainly related to the surplus of personal electronic products and consumer goods. The company's consumer sector may face the problem of empty wafer factories in the second half of the year.


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               Qualcomm: Revenue plummeted this quarter,20% layoffs in the mobile department


       Qualcomm's demand remains low this month. But there are also some models that are relatively strong: QCA7005-AL33/AR8031-AL1A has had a lot of inquiries this month; There is a continuous shortage of QCA8337N-AL3B materials from Netcom; Consumer product CSR8811A08-ICXR-R has seen an increase in demand this month, but prices have decreased compared to before.


       Qualcomm recently released pessimistic financial reports, stating that although its automotive business still has a 20% growth rate, the weak performance of smartphones and IoTs ultimately led to a double-digit decline in revenue for the second quarter of the 2023 fiscal year. In this situation, it is rumored that Qualcomm will lay off 5% of its workforce, with most of the layoffs coming from the mobile department. It is said that Qualcomm's mobile department will lay off about 20% of its workforce.


              latest company news about The latest market trends of over 10 chips including TI, ST, NXP, etc  5

                    NXP: Overall Demand Decline, Car Chip Revenue Boosts


     The overall demand for NXP has declined this month, and customers' demand for scarce materials has decreased. The delivery time of most products is constantly improving, for example, the TJA series has returned to around 12 weeks; The LPC series is around 13-26 weeks old; I. The MX series is around 26 to 36 weeks old. Some products such as the MK series, S912ZVC, and FS32K are still out of stock, with a delivery time of around 40-52 weeks. The overall demand for NXP is still concentrated in the automotive and industrial fields, as well as some non general-purpose materials.


      NXP's first quarter performance exceeded expectations, with car chip revenue increasing by 17% year-on-year, and its proportion in total revenue increased from 54.5% in the fourth quarter of 2022 to 58.6%; The revenue of industrial and IoT chips, as well as mobile chips, has declined, while the revenue of communication infrastructure and other products has slightly increased. The continuous growth of the automotive business has compensated for the decline in other businesses.


    The number of inventory days in NXP's first quarter channel was 1.6 months, which is the same as the fourth quarter of 2022 and slightly higher than the 1.5 months in the first quarter of 2022. The ongoing downturn in the consumer electronics market has also affected its inventory reduction.


                  latest company news about The latest market trends of over 10 chips including TI, ST, NXP, etc  6                                                                                   Broadcom: Continued slowdown in demand


      The demand of Broadcom continues to slow down. The market price of most materials has tended to the normal order price, and the market price of some materials has even been inverted. The weak demand for consumer and communication products in the first half of the year is basically a foregone conclusion. The shortage of Botong is mainly concentrated in some automotive materials and some high-end PLX materials. The automotive sector mainly comes from overseas demand, while PLX high-end materials mainly benefit from the current popularity of artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT.


    Although there is overcapacity and high inventory, the original factory has not added too many orders in the past year. In the first quarter of the 2023 fiscal year, Botong's net revenue increased by 16% year-on-year, and its net profit increased by 53% year-on-year. Its revenue exceeded expectations, with the semiconductor solutions department's revenue increasing by 21% year-on-year, accounting for 80% of its net revenue.


           latest company news about The latest market trends of over 10 chips including TI, ST, NXP, etc  7                                                                  Renesa: Significant increase in MCU demand


      Renesa's MCU demand has significantly increased this month, especially for the R5 and R7 series, which are in short supply. The delivery cycles of these two products are around 40-50 weeks, and it is difficult to arrive early. In addition, the R8Axxxx series is currently in tight supply and delivery times are still unstable, and it is expected to continue to be out of stock.


      Renesa's sales and net profit in the first quarter of 2023 have both increased, overall better than expected. However, Renesa is not optimistic about the performance in the second quarter. Renesa is carefully studying the demand trend in the second half of the year and is planning to slightly increase channel inventory to avoid opportunity loss.

              latest company news about The latest market trends of over 10 chips including TI, ST, NXP, etc  8


                             Ruiyu: The demand has increased slightly


      The demand for Ruiyu in April has increased compared to March, with a significant increase in demand for audio decoding and an increase in demand for routers and switches. Popular part numbers include RTL8211FI-CG, ALC888S-VD2-GRRTL8106E-CG, RTL8188ETV-CG, ALC662-VDO-GR, etc. In April, the customer's demand was still mainly for lamination, but currently, the customer is still more watching the market dynamics and the order completion rate is not high.


      Ruiyu's Q1 performance was poor, with its gross profit margin dropping to 43.1%, reaching a two-year low. Ruiyu stated that Q1 has seen urgent orders in the PC and consumer electronics fields, and IoT is also better than other applications. Although the upgrade of specifications is slower than expected, the company expects Wi Fi 6 penetration rate to remain strong.


latest company news about The latest market trends of over 10 chips including TI, ST, NXP, etc  9


                Ansemy: The demand for vehicle specifications and materials continues to grow


      At present, the delivery time of Ansemy has gradually stabilized, and even for high priced chips, there is limited room for growth. What is still lacking today is mainly a group of products that are difficult to replace, such as automotive MOS, automotive IC, and MBRS series used in industry and healthcare.


      Ansemy is strengthening its cooperation with customers through joint laboratories and long-term supply agreements. When customers need to ramp up production, Ansemy's supply can keep up with their needs. Ansemy will strive to increase SiC silicon carbide production capacity this year.

       latest company news about The latest market trends of over 10 chips including TI, ST, NXP, etc  10

                  Infineon: High inventory pressure on power devices


      The automotive MCU Aurix TC2XX series has been in a hot market recently, and some models are difficult to obtain with just one material. Recently, the demand for power devices has been sluggish and there has been great inventory pressure. However, the high voltage MOS continues to be in short supply, and the TLE series lead time remains around 50 weeks. The TLE8082ESLUMA1 suddenly saw a rise in popularity and price in April, exceeding 1000 yuan, and the market is basically out of stock.


      Infineon's planned new 12 inch wafer factory in Dresden, Germany officially broke ground on May 2nd local time. The new wafer factory will mainly produce analog and power semiconductors. By doubling its current production capacity, it will double its share in global chip production to 20% by 2030.


                                      latest company news about The latest market trends of over 10 chips including TI, ST, NXP, etc  11


                               Vishay: Significant decrease in demand


      Vishay's recent demand is mainly focused on components with long and unstable delivery times, such as thin film resistors, MOSFETs, and optocouplers. After February, the shortage of inquiries has decreased significantly, and customer acceptance is also decreasing.


      Given that Vishay will join this year's CMSE, they may hope to expand further in the military and space electronics fields. For future markets, it is recommended to seek more PPV opportunities.


                                      latest company news about The latest market trends of over 10 chips including TI, ST, NXP, etc  12

                                                Lattice: LFXP2 series lead time



      Lattice's demand is sluggish this month. At present, the stock level is under great pressure. The market price has dropped significantly. The prices of several conventional models have returned to normal levels, such as LCMX02-640HC-4TG100C/LCMX03LF-2100C-5BG256C/LCMX03LF-2100C-5BG256C. The delivery time of the LFXP2 series is about 12-16 weeks earlier than the previous 52 week delivery time, and there has been no significant improvement in other series. However, it can be foreseen that shortening the delivery time of other series is only a matter of time.







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